Snow day/Soap Day

Soap Supplies

Wednesday is the first day of spring, technically. We are supposed to have a high of 19 here in Madison, hardly spring-like, and it is currently snowing like January out there. The chickens, after their treat of last nights left over trout (they love the heads like crazy) went right back into the coop to wait it out.

The bright spot is the beginning of my soap making experiment. My friend Nan and I will be trying our first batch of cold processed soap. The science geek and the creative geek in me are combining and I have been more excited than anyone really should be about this. You mean I get to be anal about measuring things that will react and could explode AND make pretty nice smelling useful things??? Just TO MUCH!

Seems like a good day to put those lamb shanks in the oven for dinner as well. Nice and hearty for a winter day in late March.

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3 Responses to Snow day/Soap Day

  1. Good luck with the soap! I would love to try a bar:)

    Let me know how you like the shanks!

  2. If you need any help with WordPress let me know. I’ve learned a bit, but still have a lot more to go. It can be very confusing.

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