Shepherds Pie and Sunshine

I made a Shepherds pie from the leftover lamb shanks from yesterday. The meat was so dark and lovely and turned into a wonderful pie.
DSC00392 DSC00393

The girls were out enjoying the sunshine and 30+degree temps (FINALLY!!) and really appreciated the leek tops and other assorted left overs from the pie assembly.

Henny Penny DSC00382

and Mrs. Beeton DSC00387

wanted to say thanks up close and personal.

It is warmer, not by much but a bit, long range forecast still has us in the 30’s with flurries on and off. This will be a very welcome spring when it finally gets here.

I feel like I should be writing more, making profound statements on the state of farming, food and life, is that what people come to blogs for?  Or just talking more about what is happening here on our little countrified corner of the city.  But truth be told, I am feeling less than profound lately and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground so there is not as much happening as I would like.

So for now it is just short updates on the little goings on as we wait, and wait for spring to come so we can kick it into high gear.

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