2nd batches of soap and lotion

I cut the second batch of soap today and it looks much better than the first, no cracks and it wasn’t so soft. We will see how it ages.








Here are both batches in the makeshift “curing device” πŸ™‚






For my second batch of lotion I did a bit of reading and decided on more of a cream or body butter, it worked out much better I think. I used shea butter, and our beeswax in equal measures, a small amount of Jojoba oil and some of our honey.
It mixed up very thick, very, very thick. I was far to messy to take a picture unfortunately.

The main challenge I am having is filtering the beeswax, it is taking forever to melt it in a container in the double boiler and then strain it. I would love a better idea!

The cream turned out lovely but cleaning up the greasy mess is quite the adventure. I am sure I will come up with some shortcuts and tricks as I go along.

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4 Responses to 2nd batches of soap and lotion

  1. areallysmallfarm says:

    That soap looks good enough to spread on toast. It must smell very sweet with the honey and beeswax.

  2. shirehouse says:

    Sometimes this stuff does look like food, and it smells so good. πŸ™‚

  3. shirehouse says:

    Thanks! Much better than the first batch.

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