Things have been busy here. We got our new colony of bees, added a (hopefully) pregnant doe and a buck to restart our rabbitry and have a start on the gardens after the winter that wouldn’t end. Unfortunately the buck has died, it looked like he somehow broke his back in his cage, a odd fluke and one we are hoping does not bode ill for the rabbitry. We have had a hard time with them in the past, bad mothers, heat stroke. Like a friend said, even worse than sheep rabbits seem to wake up every morning looking for a way to die, guess that is why they are so prolific.

The chickens are starting to lay gangbusters and the garlic is about 3 inches high, I have been waiting to plant because of the strange weather but I think I will go ahead with the peas, beans, parsnips, onions, carrots and greens this weekend.

The soap and lotion adventure has been continueing. We made some goat milk soap that seems to have turned out a treat, still a few weeks left to cure before we can see for certain. This week was a “Chef’s Soap” with coffee grounds and lemon and lime essential oils. We played around with some recipes we found and hope this one will help cut cooking odors from your hands. I am thinking about a complexion bar or shaving soap for next week.

It is so good to have spring finally here, the trees are finally budding and it finally feels like winter has gone, at least in this part of the state, they had a foot of snow not far away.

My favorite patch of tulips.


This is a shot from last year, they are not quite open yet.

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