Recipe #1

A limited success with the Pork Pie recipe.  I had wondered whether to make it a two crust or a top crust pie as the instructions didn’t say if I should do a bottom crust.  I did a two crust as a traditional pork pie has both top and bottom crusts.   I then wondered how putting 2 cups of wine into a pie shell would not end up with a soggy bottom, but went ahead with the recipe.

It tasted really good, the filling was nice, the top crust crisp, but the bottom was indeed soggy and the filling was swimming in liquid.  It was tasty but not very nice to look at, as you can see. And you can’t have pork pie without a couple of ales, a Newcastle for Steve and my favorite local red ale for me.



As Steve said, not a stellar start to the project but definitely an adventurous one. 

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2 Responses to Recipe #1

  1. I bake my crusts first at 450 for about seven minutes. It helps firm them up and keep them from getting soggy. I hope you and Steve can come over for dinner soon!

  2. shirehouse says:

    I should have blind baked, you are right. Next time. 🙂 Yes!! We are free every weekend in June so far. 🙂

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