Spring clean out and a hedgerow

In preparation for going back to work, the last week (and the next one) are going to be a full-on blitz of activity, starting with finally planting the hedgerow I have wanted for years. Until last spring we had two 3 story elm trees that shaded the backyard so badly that we could not grow anything. They were removed due to dutch elm and now we have loads of room for new plantings, including my hedgerow. I planted gooseberries, a red and a black currant, red and black raspberries and the elderberry (insert Python joke here) bushes are on order.


Here they are soaking in the slop sink in preparation for planting. I would have taken an “after” photo but it would have been of a line of mulch with sticks coming out. 🙂

I also moved the raised beds for the peas and the beans into the backyard and got them prepared and planted, had to put the girls back in the run after that as they wouldn’t stay out of the bean bed.


They have gotten very used to free-ranging during the day and complain loudly when I do have to keep them in the run for one reason or another.


They are leaving the hive alone, which I was concerned about initially, I was worried they might think it was the chicken equivalent of a drive-thru. Here is Mrs. Beeton ignoring it in favor of grass and dandelions.


Lots of spring cleaning out as well last week, no additional cooking challenge meals, but I have been inspired in the kitchen none the less and have made a few new things, a new favorite is Blue Fish baked with herbs and white wine.

This week is painting our kitchen cupboards. We have dreadful big box ones that someone put in in the 80’s from the look of it. I sanded them yesterday and hope to clean them up today and do the painting Tuesday and Wednesday. I want to get these big projects done before I go back to work.

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5 Responses to Spring clean out and a hedgerow

  1. I see your chickens feel exactly the same about bees as mine do. Do you ever see them in front of the hive grazing then jump back and shake their head? I think they each have been stung on the comb once and that was all it took. Or maybe it’s just a natural aversion to something buzzing around your head.

  2. shirehouse says:

    Mrs. Beeton did try to eat one once, she ran over to a large rock and started scraping her beak against it. 🙂

    • Ah yes, the universal solution for swallowing something you shouldn’t. I’ve seen my girls do that when one stuck her beak in hot beeswax, another when she ate a drip of paint, and definitely if they try to eat a stink bug that squirts them in the eye. I’m not convinced beak rubbing is all that effective but they seem to think so.

  3. tanglethorne says:

    I’ve been curious about how domestic gooseberries differ from the wild variety. Growing up in Missouri, our woods were full of the wild kind, which we would occasionally make into a pie. Talk about tart!!!

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