Last week at home

Today begins my last week of being a stay at home farmer. I have mixed feelings, but I am predominately excited and looking forward to being back with people and using my scientific thinking skills again. My brain has been feeling a bit atrophied when I try to read some heavier things.

In preperation for not being at home I finally painted our horrid “big box store” kitchen cupboards. I am thrilled at how they turned out. I am hoping to get to the kitchen walls this week so the entire project will be done before I go back.







The asparagus and morels have finally come into the shops so I have abandoned my cooking project for a bit to take advantage of my spring favorites while they are available. Pasta with Morel sauce, and lots of fish with asparagus.

We got the back garden in and the coop cleaned out yesterday. My seedlings have just refused to sprout this year. I made two attempts and still nothing, I don’t know if there was something in the bag of potting soil?? I have heard of residual herbicides being in some bags of growing medium lately. I thought if we went with organic we would be ok, but maybe it is something else. I ended up having to buy eggplant, tomato and pepper seedlings, NOT happy with the selection available as I have been spoiled for years by starting my own seeds and trying all kinds of old heirloom varieties.

Started building a “potato tower” out of wire fencing and straw…we will see how that turns out. Got my herbs in and the bunny is off to another farm to be breed as we lost our buck several weeks ago. I joked with Steve this morning as he packed her in a cat carrier that he was a rabbit pimp today.

Today is our last Monday “soap day”, not sure what we will try today, but do need to see if we can get the chef’s soap from 3 weeks ago our of the fancy molds…that has been a mess and a half.

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2 Responses to Last week at home

  1. I took a year off work once and it was really hard to go back. My brain and body acted as if I’d betrayed them and sort of went on strike for about a month. Good luck with your transition.

  2. shirehouse says:

    I am so used to keeping my own schedule depending on what kind of day I am having, and I haven’t had to use my brain in the same way, it is definitely going to be a challenge. 🙂 Thank goodness I kept playing Sudoku and doing crosswords and reading journal articles or I think I would be in really dire straits. Here is hoping for a short transition!

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