Busy Day

Harvested the garlic (40 heads) and about 1/2 the onions.


Have a few peppers and tomatoes ready as well.


The chickens were out free ranging and the bunny (Eliza after Eliza Acton) was in her tractor all day

Eliza enjoying the day

Eliza enjoying the day

There were quite a few beans “overdone” while we were on vacation so I shelled them and got about a cup of beans.

Shelled Beans

Shelled Beans

Scrubbed out the roost box and changed the bedding and did a bit of weeding. Then went out to our favorite Thai place now I am going to curl up and read “Making Home” by Sharon Astyk, a Mother Earth News recommendation. We will see if I can keep this up tomorrow and make some lotion, or maybe cheese…maybe not much.

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2 Responses to Busy Day

  1. *whew* I’m exhausted just reading about it. I think I’ll make a cup of tea and sit down for a rest now 🙂

  2. shirehouse says:

    That is a perfect idea! I think I need a cuppa as well, 80 degree F be damned! 🙂 It is a rare day I get that much done now that I have gone back to work though, so don’t be too impressed.

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