Wine, Wool and Pears

Labor day was grape harvest and wine making here at Shirehouse.  This is the first year our wine grapes where old enough to get a harvest that drought didn’t devastate them.


Loaded grape vine


Cluster of red wine grapes







2 red varietals, one white.

2 red varietals, one white.

24 pounds of grapes after de stemming

24 pounds of grapes after de stemming

We got 24 pounds of grapes and pressed 2 gallons of juice from them and it is now in the primary fermenter bubbling away.

We also bottled our first batch of mead from our own honey and 2 5 gallon carboys of “kit wine”. It is quite the impressive stash of booze for two people who don’t really drink much.

I also made up my first batch of sauce from our tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers. I wish I had had the energy to make up fresh pasta, that would have been perfect. However we did have homemade wine with dinner that night.

Homegrown pasta sauce

Homegrown pasta sauce

This weekend was the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival in Jefferson, WI. Friday we took a class on spinning natural colored Shetland. It was so much fun. Here are part of the samples I spun up. Saturday I was grounded with a migraine but was feeling a bit better by afternoon and spun up all the rest of the roving from the class. I still need to wash and measure it but I am thinking of knitting a lacy hat using the natural gradations of colour…


Then to top off the weekend I took some windfall pears a friend gave me and am attempting to make Perry with them. I am using a recipe from the Family Save-all, ( a wonderful Victorian all purpose recipe book.

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6 Responses to Wine, Wool and Pears

  1. I want grape! I want I want I want! I’m now going to go sulk in a fit of jealousy :-((

  2. Yum! Do you think Steve can show us mead making when we come for dinner? Let us know what supplies we need!

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