A lot of catching up to do

I have been doing a lot of knitting and weaving lately and a bit of fleece prep.  We have a freezer full of lamb and mutton from http://emancipationacres.com/, the mutton chops are just to die for. We were able to get all the bones and fat from them as well so I made another huge batch of lamb stock and rendered the fat down for soap making. I ended up canning the stock this time as the freezer is getting a bit crowded, especially with a pig coming from Erica and Joel in late winter. I think we need to buy another freezer soon. There is nothing like doing your shopping for dinner in your own basement though, with food from your, or your friends efforts. We were out there a few weeks ago learning how to butcher poultry, we didn’t do the knife work but a lot of scalding and plucking, and watching and learning. Take away lesson for that day…ducks are a PAIN to pluck. 🙂

I made another recipe in my Seven Centuries of English Cooking Challenge. This one was from 1695, Chicken Fricassee. Chicken, Stock, white wine, dates, sugar, mace, endive, parsnips, egg yolks and blackcurrant jam. It actually tasted very similar to my last outing; Chicken with Gooseberries or Grapes (Hannah Wolley, 1664). I really need to get that eel out of the freezer and try something new and more bold. I forgot to take pictures this time out. One I really want to try once we get some rabbit is “Rabbits Surprised” from “The Young Woman’s Companion” 1806.

George has moved into the breezeway for the winter in order to make room for Francine our new doe. Steve has a winter breeding schedule that will hopefully have rabbit in the freezer by Equinox.

The youngest 2 chickens are finally molting and the elder girls finished weeks ago but didn’t start laying again so we are totally on store bought eggs. I think we will need to make a decision about the older girls this spring.

The only things left in the garden now are the kale and a few leeks, I still need to get out there and clean it all up. I tried a new variety of Kale this year that supposedly can handle temps past freezing, we will see how it goes.

I am finishing up a weaving class this coming week and am really looking forward to using all the new things I learned on my winter projects. Steve’s blanket is zipping along DSC00611 and I hope to be done very soon. I have been concentrating on a scarf DSC00609 and finishing a sweater so my lace shawl has been languishing.

The wood stove has been cranking out the heat and coziness lately as winter hits Wisconsin. DSC00597


The cats have their favorite spots around the stove.

Friday will be a massive soap, lotion and salt scrub making day, and REALLY looking forward to some time off work over the holidays.

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2 Responses to A lot of catching up to do

  1. my1journey says:

    I’m so impressed that you’re learning to butcher chickens and that you canned your stock.

  2. shirehouse says:

    Never a dull moment. 🙂

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