Think Spring!

February may be the shortest month on the calendar, but in Wisconsin it seems the longest.

What is that green stuff on the ground?

What is that green stuff on the ground?

Winter is dragging on, and after a tease last week of rain and temps in the low 40’s F we are now back to single digits above zero for highs and below zero lows. March can’t come soon enough! I left the lab I was working in for a different project in the same department, this one is only 3 days a week and a much better fit. Now I will have time to do all the things around the house that have been slacking while I was dealing with the work drama. The winter has been spent doing a lot of fiber work and curled up in front of the woodstove.
Ast in front of the fire

Ast in front of the fire

I will be doing a work exchange one day a week at a friends farm to pay for our pork and mutton and will be trying to get the business up and going again. I have not made soap in months but that will be remedied tomorrow, Nan is coming out and we are going to get back into our regular soap/project days.

We got our new hive and ordered the replacement bees for the original and a new nuc so we will be up to two hives this year, my seed order came and since I will be home again (at least more than last year) this growing season we will be expanding the gardens. I need to get knitting small things for sale, headbands, washcloths, that type of thing. Hopefully our fruit survived the winter so I can make some jam for sale as well. We will see if we can pull off this 3 day a week thing financially.

I am getting my energy back for being more creative in the kitchen, so there will be a new recipe from my Seven Centuries of English Cooking Challenge, I also got a book from the library “Shakespeare’s Kitchen” so I may be using that one as well.

Eliza had 8 kits, 7 of them survived the first few days and now they are healthy squirmy 2 month olds.

2 month old baby rabbits

2 month old baby rabbits

2 month old baby rabbits

2 month old baby rabbits

The chickens have started laying again, but very sporadically. The older two are going into the freezer sometime this summer and we have an order in for 3 new chicks. We are limited by the city on how many hens we can have so we really can’t have any that are not producing. They are 4 years old and have been pretty spoiled so that is a good chicken life in my book.

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One Response to Think Spring!

  1. tess says:

    Good to see you back to blogging! The photo of the green grass freaked me out a bit until I realized it must be an old pic, not a current one. 🙂

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