New soap experiment

Yesterday was another soap day. I made another batch of Chef’s soap, tweaked the recipe a bit though as I thought the last batch was a bit soft. I rendered some tallow last year and it has been sitting in the pantry doing nothing, so I tossed some of that in to try to harden it up. I did a peppermint, lime and lemon EO blend for odor neutralization and some coffee grounds for mild exfoliation.

Chef's soap still in the molds

Chef’s soap still in the molds

The really fun one, and the one that could fail spectacularly, is my Spa Salt Bar. A Cocoa and Shea butter soap 1/2 the batch has added activated charcoal, and 1/2 has french clay. There is also a boat load of sea salt in it. Supposedly all of these additives are great for skin and together they make for a gentle detox kind of cleansing. I scented it with lavender in keeping with the relaxing spa theme. It looks really dramatic and I can’t wait to unmold it!

Spa Salt Bar

Spa Salt Bar

The batch that Nan and I made a few weeks ago smells divine and should be ready in a week or so. That one is a nice plain moisturizing bar.

I have been working one day a week out at and am really enjoying being out on a real country farm on a regular basis. I love our place and all that we are managing to pull off in such a small place with city regs but I really long for room to have more livestock. But I am getting my fix once a week and that will do for now.

Still need to get back at my cooking challange, I have been so busy with other projects that that is still sitting.

I did finish a sweater I have been working on for ages, and Steve’s blanket is finally off the loom and done!

Steve's Blanket

Steve’s Blanket

Now the loom looks naked, need to sell some stuff so I can get more yarn! 🙂

The rabbits are getting big


and I am working on my garden plan, we are going to put in more beds and do some shuffling of old ones so I need to figure it out before next week when I start my seeds. It finally feels like winter will end, the snow is melting at a pretty brisk pace and temps have been up into the 40’sF. The willows are starting to bud out but that is the only new growth I have seen so far. The chickens are finally laying at a good clip again and I am looking forward to the first milk from our farm share once the girls are back out on pasture again!

Well those are the highlights, best get back at it, or maybe just one more cup of coffee first.

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2 Responses to New soap experiment

  1. tess says:

    The spa soap is so beautiful!

  2. shirehouse says:

    Thanks! Need to try it out once it cures. I hope it turns out well, I think it could be a good seller.

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