Winter’s End

It looks like winter had finally broken, we have had several days in the 40’s and the snow is almost all gone.  Today is supposed to be in the 60’s, so far it is still in the 30’s but the sun is shining and the hens practically exploded out of the coop when I opened the door to let them free range.  Yesterday Steve spent the day cleaning up the yard, raking, pruning and planning our new beds, I spent most of the day inside cleaning, but I wanted that done so I can be outside today.

Last weekend I got together with a few friends and started our seeds.  I of course, being me, brought my starting mix, my pots, apple and pear butter (my contributions to the nosh) and forgot THE SEEDS!  I did get the filling of the pots done, which is very time consuming, and everyone was generous with their seeds so I tried a few new varieties, but left most of the planting for when I got home.  I spent a lot of time picking out my varieties this year so I wanted to make sure I had room to get those in.  As always with our seed starting party there was a lot of laughing, coffee and talking about our garden plans.

This week I tried another new soap.  This one is a Mango & Shea butter with red french clay.  I really can’t wait to try that one.  I think it is going to be really decadent.


The Spa Salt bar has cured already and I have been using it, I like it, it is really heavy on the salt, it is similar to using a salt scrub but not as intense, not abrasive but that same feel after you use it.  I have 2 more going out as samples so only have 3 for sale.  Not sure if I will make it again, there is so much salt it is a really pricy one to make.  I made a coffee butter soap a while back that I am putting up on etsy too.  This one is unscented and has coffee grounds in it as a mild exfoliant. 



This week out at I picked up our pig so we have a freezer full of pork and yesterday we tried the bacon.  Best bacon EVER, the fat just explodes in your mouth.  Also got to check out the avalanche of piglets they have out there right now.  Three litters in as many days.  That is a lot of cuteness going on.

Today I want to get the coop cleaned out now that it is a bit warmer and our rabbits are 13 weeks old and about 4.5 lbs so today is butchering day. We are going to get through as many as we can today, I am hoping all of them.  Then tonight we are having 

Hare in Ale with Saffron-Should be parboyled and larded and rosted & nym onions and mince them right small & fry them in white grease and grind pepper bread & ale and the onions thereto and colour it with safron & salt and serve it forth. (The Frome of Cury, 1378)


Of course Seven Centuries of English Cooking translates that into something I can actually use. Although this one is not too bad to figure out on my own.

Update-12:00pm   Bedclothes on the line drying, rabbits successfully slaughtered. They turned out to be nice 2lb fryers.  


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