High Summer

The beans are going gangbusters and we have 8 rabbits fattening for the pot. The rest of the homestead has not been as successful so far this year. We lost one of our chickens last week, we think to a stroke, she didn’t improve over night and we had to cull her. She was one of the 2 we had planned to cull this fall due to age so it did reinforce my decision that 4 is a good age to do this as she is the 2nd hen from that brood to have age related problems in the past year or so.

We have 3 new chicks on the way in a couple of weeks so we will soon be back up to 5. The soon to be 2 year olds are laying very well but their eggs have still not gotten to the size of the older girls. Due to them being different breeds maybe?

I hope our other hen makes it to slaughter, we haven’t had chicken in ages. Other than bacon and the amazing sausage from our local butcher a couple of times a month we are not purchasing any meat, haven’t for almost a year I think. Lamb, mutton and pork from Emancipation Acres which I get on work exchange, and our own rabbits are all we are eating anymore. Now if my garden would just improve!

I have been hearing from a lot of people that it is a hard garden year, again, odd weather and lots of rain have been making it a challenge. I am afraid that I will have to hit the farmers market for my tomatoes this year or there will be no sauce. The potatoes are full and have a lot of foliage but no blossoms yet to tell me they are producing tubers.

I made good use of one of the rabbits last night and did a Rabbit and Leek pie. It turned out wonderful with the exception of the puff pastry. It was my first attempt to make rough puff and it turned out ok but I shouldn’t have followed the recipe when I knew better. It said to put the pastry on the hot pie filling. Now I am obsessed with “The Great British Bake Off” and from watching know that you do not put puff pastry on a hot filling. It has to be cold when it goes in the oven. It was still pretty good, but I would have gotten the steel blue look from Paul no doubt about it. I also did a cheats Victoria sponge by making a tray bake sponge and cutting it in half.

The theme for the night was rustic but tasty and according to Steve it was a rousing success.

Rabbit and Leek Pie with questionable puff pastry

Rabbit and Leek Pie with questionable puff pastry

Cheats Victoria Sponge

Cheats Victoria Sponge

I finished another headband for the craft fair, I like this one a little too much though, almost hoping it doesn’t sell. It is up on my etsy site as well.

Today is supposed to be beastly with heat index hitting 90F (32c) so I think now that all the outside work is squared away I will hide inside and knit or spin. Hopefully it will be good for the tomatoes at least.

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6 Responses to High Summer

  1. Bob Klessig says:

    Sounds like you are having a fairly good summer, we are sitting here watching those DAMN MERLINS, shouldn’t say that as they must eat also, but at least now we know what is scaring all of our other birds away. Did have one lone Chickadee this afternoon and a couple of Blue Jays but not finches or Hummers or nuthatches or even our 3 kinds of woodpeckers. Maybe I’ll take down those 2 cedars and the big pine in back of the shop this fall. I think that is where the magicians (sp) are nesting.

    Love ya


  2. shirehouse says:

    That’s too bad Dad, at least you know who the culprit is now. Did Mom like the bunny livers?

  3. erica says:

    I want some of that rabbit and leek pie!

  4. shirehouse says:

    That can probably be arranged when you guys come over for dinner.

  5. LuckyRobin says:

    Could you post the recipe you used for leek and rabbit pie? I am always looking for new rabbit recipes and that sounds good.

  6. shirehouse says:

    Sure. It is from Jamie Oliver’s Jamie’s Great Britain cookbook. http://www.amazon.com/dp/0718156811/?tag=googhydr-20&hvadid=40059007687&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17186598866553683260&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_9ufwthpod4_b

    Both Jamie and Hugh Fearnley-Whittigstall of River Cottage have great rabbit recipes.

    I can’t figure out how to add a pdf or tiff file to a comment so I will make a new blog post with the recipe.

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