Other than knitting

I actually did accomplish something other than knitting this weekend, although I did do plenty of that too. I froze about 3 lbs of beans, washed my Shetland fleece from Emancipation Acres and FINALLY made flat bread worth eating.
I have been struggling with flat breads for ages, we eat a lot and I mean A LOT of tagines and curries, so you really need a flat bread. I have tried James Beard, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart and various online recipies but this weekend I got this The River Cottage Bread Handbook from the library and last night I successfully made roti. Tonight I went for broke and tackled this recipe . I have tried it several time before with disastrous results. But bolstered by my roti success it worked! Had it with a lovely mutton curry.

I also managed to clean out the chicken coop and under the rabbit cages, having all those little ones sure increases the rabbit poo.

The new chicks will be coming this week. Three to bring us up to five, I really wish we could have more, but the city says four and so we are pushing it with five. We are getting another Easter Egger, a Speckled Sussex and a Silver Laced Wyandotte.

We have two rabbits ready to slaughter and four more on deck, we lost one to the heat. They insisted on piling up in 94 degrees and humidity no matter how often I went out and separated them.

My potatoes have yet to blossom and the foliage seems to be starting to die back already, that I think, is not a good sign. Disappointing, as that project started out so well this summer. The tomato plants are shooting up and blossoming but I don’t think there is any way they will produce like I need them to, luckily we have a fabulous farmers market in town. Disappointing but not disastrous.

Now back to knitting and a glass of wine.

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2 Responses to Other than knitting

  1. Okay, I’ve bookmarked that naan bread recipe. It sounds easy enough to try.

  2. shirehouse says:

    It worked like a charm yesterday, I can’t imagine why I kept having such a problem with it before. Now I am looking forward to playing with it, garlic naan, cardamom, all kinds of variations.

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