Our first fair!

I finished, almost, the set up for our first fair today. We are vending at the Middleton Good Neighbor Fest next weekend. I am nervous no one will want my stuff and excited to see what people think. Here is my trial set up.









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10 Responses to Our first fair!

  1. Well, it looks amazing. I imagine they’ll be queuing and placing forward orders. Good luck! Let us all know how you do.

  2. BOB KLESSIG says:

    Well, how did you do? Fantastic I hope


  3. Sandy Rindy says:

    Good luck Cindy!! Have fun & enjoy the people.

  4. shirehouse says:

    I will be happy if I break even on the booth and hand out a lot of business cards Laura. πŸ™‚

  5. shirehouse says:

    The fair is this coming weekend Pop, that was my set it up and see how it looks run. πŸ™‚

  6. Bob Klessig says:

    Oh, when you said set up, I assumed that it was on Sunday as in yesterday. Well good luck on the weekend.


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